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Social media has become an essential tool for businesses, with platforms like

Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok offering unparalleled opportunities to connect with

customers. However, the downside is evident: negative reviews on social media can

deter potential customers, and many people believe that social media has a negative

impact on society.

For business owners, leveraging social media effectively is crucial, but knowing how to

do so can be challenging. Are you aware of the goals you should set for your social

media marketing campaigns and how to achieve them?

To help, we've researched five successful campaigns that have made a significant

impact on social media. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, these

campaigns offer valuable insights into running effective campaigns that resonate with


Revamp Your Facebook Marketing Strategy:

Carlsberg's Success Story

To rally behind Liverpool FC during the final of the 2019 Champions League season,

Carlsberg introduced a special red beer inspired by the team's iconic kit. Leveraging the expansive reach of global fan networks on Facebook, Carlsberg showcased its sponsorship and dedication to Liverpool FC through a dynamic campaign. This included sharing a video message from Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp with influencers and fans of the club.

From May to July 2019, the campaign yielded impressive results:

•Achieved a 19-fold return on ad spend

•VBoosted association between Liverpool FC and Carlsberg by 7.2 points

•Saw a remarkable nine-fold increase in traffic to the Carlsberg website.

Key Insight

The utilization of Facebook networks presents a potent avenue for captivating audience

engagement. Through its sponsorship of Liverpool, Carlsberg effectively heightened its

brand visibility and generated substantial traffic to its website. Such partnerships can

prove highly effective in maintaining brand recall long after the campaign concludes.

Other successful Facebook campaigns



Instagram Marketing Initiative: Red Bull's Strategy

For more than 28 years, Red Bull has been empowering consumers with its "wings,"

earning the 69th spot on the Forbes World’s Most Powerful Brands list in 2020.

Distributed across over 170 countries, the renowned energy drink has amassed sales

exceeding 60 billion cans. Since its inception in 1987, the brand has expanded its

offering with the introduction of four new flavors, catering to diverse tastes and



To raise awareness of their brand extension, Red Bull launched an Instagram campaign

aimed at increasing visibility and sales of their tropical-flavored 'Summer Edition' energy drink in the Australian market. 


Red Bull adopted a straightforward approach centered on brand development, initiating

their campaign with a teaser just prior to the summer season. Using yellow filters across

various images and videos depicting typical summer scenarios, they aimed to capture

audiences' attention on the revamped can design. As a result, Red Bull emerged as

twice as likely to be linked with the #thissummer Instagram hashtag trend compared to

its closest competitors.


*Achieved a 10-point increase in top-of-mind awareness.

*Experienced a 9-point rise in favorability.

*Observed a 7-point decrease in the unconvinced market segment.

*Reached a staggering 1.2 million consumers.

Key Insight:

The market for social media campaigns is substantial, and Instagram's influence in

engaging users is substantial. To effectively harness Instagram for expanding your

customer base, it's crucial to grasp customer journeys within and across social

networks, enabling you to capitalize on their potential.

Other successful Instagram campaigns

*Barry’s Bootcamp

*Adidas Originals

Twitter Marketing Initiative: Auto Trader's Strategy

Auto Trader is the UK and Ireland’s largest online car marketplace.


Auto Trader aimed to boost awareness through their 2018 World Cup campaign by

leveraging the branded hashtag #AutoTraderGoals.



Although not an official sponsor, the brand aimed to outperform the World Cup's official sponsors by trending higher than them. Their sports marketing campaign promised a free car with every goal England scored, defying public expectations based on England's previous World Cup performances.

The #AutoTraderGoals campaign on Twitter followed a systematic approach,

capitalizing on humor and anticipation as England surpassed expectations.


This campaign exemplified effective utilization of a branded campaign hashtag and

Twitter marketing for several reasons:

*Twitter' audience predominantly consists of sports enthusiasts, with a demographic

skewed more towards males than females.

*Auto Trader's campaign gained traction as England exceeded expectations, turning the

promise of a car giveaway for each goal into a humorous narrative. The company

humorously depicted its Finance Director experiencing a "breakdown" to avoid giving away too many cars.

*The branded hashtag, #AutoTraderGoals, succinctly conveyed the campaign's premise

and elevated the brand's visibility when it trended above official World Cup sponsors like

Coca-Cola on Twitter. The hashtag ensured the brand remained top-of-mind during

every England match.

*By leveraging a sports-focused audience and real-time engagement, Auto Trader

effectively capitalized on Twitter's platform.

*The campaign attracted attention from other brands, leading to parody tweets that

further amplified the story and hashtag, extending its reach and impact.

Key Insight:

The success of this campaign stemmed from several factors:

>The use of videos effectively captured attention.

>Encouraging conversations fostered engagement.

>Leveraging Twitter Conversational Cards expanded reach.

>The campaign sparked people's imagination, particularly through the interaction

>between the Finance Director and the public.

>This interaction drove substantial traffic and revenues to the Auto Trader site.

Other successful Twitter campaigns

*Born Free

*Girl Scouts

Jamie Oliver's Food Tube: A YouTube Social Media Triumph

Jamie Oliver's Food Tube YouTube channel offers a diverse range of content, including

recipes, tutorials, amusing videos, and guest appearances. Embracing an interactive

approach, the channel actively encourages contributions and suggestions from its

subscribers, fostering a sense of community and involvement in its narrative.


The channel aims to build a vibrant, interactive community of foodie followers.


Food Tube employs eye-catching branding, a compelling channel trailer, and

meticulously curated playlists such as Cooking with Kids; and &;Staying Healthy. Every video is accompanied by a concise title, a description rich in keywords, and a custom thumbnail designed to captivate viewers. This strategic approach effectively sustain user engagement, encouraging seamless navigation and continuous viewing across the channel.


Chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube is one of the most successful food YouTube channels

with more than 5.5 million subscribers.

Key Insight

The core lesson from Food Tube is not solely focused on pushing products for

conversions and sales. Instead, it prioritizes cultivating a community of passionate food

enthusiasts through captivating and enjoyable content, while also encouraging followers

to participate and collaborate. Additionally, effective utilization of SEO on YouTube can

significantly boost video visibility, ensuring that the content reaches its intended


Other successful YouTube campaigns

  •  Carwow

  •  LEGO

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