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            India's Top YouTube Marketing Agency

YouTube is super important for marketing because lots of people use it to find information and have fun. As the second-largest search engine globally. It is a platform where people turn for information, entertainment, and education.
YouTube marketing is about creating engaging videos for a target audience, optimizing channels with compelling descriptions, and fostering audience engagement through likes, comments, and subscriptions. It involves using SEO techniques for video discoverability and may include participation in the YouTube Partner Program for ad revenue. For businesses, it provides a dynamic space to showcase products, share expertise, and connect with a diverse audience through engaging video content.


YouTube Ad Campaign

Brandfinity provides businesses with a dynamic space on YouTube to connect with a diverse audience. Our approach taps into the platform's broad user base and sharing capabilities, amplifying the potential for content to go viral and boosting brand visibility and awareness.

Types of YouTube Video Ad's

Display Advertisements - These are the 300×250 Ad banners that can be seen on YouTube in various locations. The display advertisement shows up on the right side of your screen when you're watching a video on YouTube.

InVideo Advertisements - These are overlay ads that show up at the bottom of YouTube streams. Viewers have the option to close InVideo commercials, which typically show within the first 15 seconds of the streaming video.

TrueView - TrueView ads are frequently utilized as in-stream ads on YouTube that show either before or during streams of videos. When these ads appear, viewers have the option of watching the entire video ad or skipping it by selecting the skip option. The skip button, which displays after 5 seconds, can be used by viewers who would prefer not to watch the advertisement.

Non-Skippable Ads - These are in-stream ads as well. These adverts cannot be skipped, in contrast to the format described above. They typically last 15 seconds or more. Ads that cannot be skipped can appear before, during, or after a YouTube video as it is being broadcast. To continue watching the video featuring these adverts, viewers must watch the complete ad.

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