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Brandfinity's Big Wins! Award Win and CEO Receives Vidharba Udyog Ratna Samman.

Wow! Nagpur's Brandfinity has done it again! This branding and digital marketing agency has won the "Emerging Branding and Digital Marketing Agency in 2024" award. But wait , that's just the beginning ! On 30th April, Vickramh sir, Founder and CEO of Brandfinity, also received the “Vidharba Udyog Ratna” award from Marathi actress Pooja Sawant.

These awards are a big deal for Brandfinity. They show how innovative their marketing solutions are and how they help businesses of all sizes achieve their marketing goals. Vickramh Nagmoote's receipt of the Vidharba Udyog Ratna Award is a great recognition of his leadership.

This is a moment of great pride for both Brandfinity and Vickramh Nagmoote. These awards are a result of their commitment and hard work. And if this enthusiasm continues, Brandfinity is sure to go even further.

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